Weekly List

You may access the Register of valid planning applications received by the Authority. They are listed by the week in which they were received - just click on the number within the "Received" column to see all of those received that week.

Only valid applications will appear in the Register.

The list of planning applications which are decided each week is also available on the Register - click on the number in the "Decided" column.

This page displays all of the valid applications that have been Received or Decided in the last 12 weeks.

Click on the relevant row in the Received or Decided columns to see the applications for that week.

Information provided by this service is updated overnight at the end of each day.

Week StartWeek EndReceivedDecided
30-03-2020 05-04-2020 None None
23-03-2020 29-03-2020 None None
16-03-2020 22-03-2020 None None
09-03-2020 15-03-2020 None None
02-03-2020 08-03-2020 None None
24-02-2020 01-03-2020 None None
17-02-2020 23-02-2020 None None
10-02-2020 16-02-2020 None None
03-02-2020 09-02-2020 None None
27-01-2020 02-02-2020 None None
20-01-2020 26-01-2020 None None
13-01-2020 19-01-2020 None None