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The Registers for all Protected Trees, Buildings and Monuments can be accessed from this site. The records are searchable in a number of ways, a map (the most accurate), a searchable database or by reading through a downloadable document. The information on the database and the document is based on the name and road name of the property at the time the monument, building or tree was legally protected, this forms a legal document and cannot be changed.

Many properties have changed their name or been subdivided since they were originally protected and sometimes road names will have changed too. To be certain that you have the most up to date information please check on the Protected Trees, Buildings and Monuments Webmap link.

  • Browse on the map for any Protected Tree, Building or Monument using this link: Protected Trees, Buildings &  Monuments Webmap.

  • If you know the Protected Monuments (PM), Protected Building (PB) or Protected Tree (PT) reference, type it into the "Reference Number" box below and click either "Search for Monuments", ?Search for Buildings? or "Search for Trees".

  • For Protected Buildings you can also use its full Cadastre Number in the "Reference Number" box and then click "Search for Buildings".

  • You can also search by property name or address, note that this is the least reliable of the search methods and you are encouraged to use the webmap. Enter a property name, road or parish in the "Site Address" field and press the required button. For example enter "vale" and press "Search for Trees" to get all the Protected Trees in the Vale.

  • Downloadable Documents for Protected Buildings, Monuments and Trees can be found here

  • For an update on decisions as part of the Protected Building Review, please also use the search tab. To find out if a building has been removed from the Protected Buildings List, please enter the Protected Building reference number or site address, if the building has been removed, this will show up as 'Removed PB' under the 'Building Type' and the following text will appear in the 'Description' field:

  • 'Please be advised that this building has been removed from the Protected Buildings List on:[Date of removal will show here]'

For more information on the Protected Building Review, please visit Protected Buildings Review.

Search Tip: Property names may have changed since the Register was set up and roads are often known by different names - if you did not find what you are looking for try using the postcode or look for it on the map by using the Protected Trees, Buildings &  Monuments Webmap.

Please note that trees may also be protected from removal by a condition on a planning application. You are advised to check with the us before undertaking works to trees.

Where you need further clarification please contact us on 01481 226200.

Information provided by this service is updated overnight at the end of each day.

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