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Planning Applications are searchable on the Application Number e.g. FULL/2009/1234 or other details of applicant name or site address. Entries are not case-sensitive.

You can either enter precise details or browse for an application using partial details.

For example if you enter the name of your house in the Address Search, you will find your application together with any other houses of the same name.

Similarly you can just enter the road or parish and get all applications which contain those details - e.g "vale" will give you all the planning applications in the Vale received since 6 April 2009.

If you want to narrow the search it is possible to choose one of the date types e.g. "Valid Application Received Date" or "Decision Date"

Any decision made by the Appeals Tribunal will be shown within the record for the Planning Application concerned but can also be searched using the Planning Appeal Panel Reference if available.

If you do not know the Application Reference Number or are unsure of the address then use the Planning Applications Webmap  and try to find the site on the interactive map

Information provided by this service is updated overnight at the end of each day.

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